Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Coming in 2019: Pantheios 1 (non-beta); Pantheios 2

Ok, so it's been a heck of a long while since Pantheios' first beta was released. The last released beta was 219 (!), on 28th January 2017. There's been a fair amount of useful work on the library since then, but not released.

(As has been obvious since the outset of its release into the world, having the first version number as 1.0.1 and then just bumping the beta was crazy optimistic, and in practice just crazy. This very aspect has hindered speed of progress, as it's worked against the principle of release early, release often.)

There's also been a lot of change in "the ideal conception of Pantheios in C/C++" in this time. There are no massive changes, but there are some important differences that will require a bump in major number, which will be outlined in posts in the near future.

Both of the above (as yet unreleased) works have arisen due to use and commercial customisations I've been doing for a client, in which Pantheios has seen tremendous use in exacting circumstances. (I say this to reassure that the project is not dead, not even resting, stunned, or pining for the fjords. It is alive, and it will be sprouting wings again into the world this year.)

So, without much further ado, the coming changes of the Pantheios project are:
  • The existing Pantheios project (1.0.1-bXXX) will be mothballed;
  • The current state of Pantheios will be effectively rendered in another project, Pantheios1;
  • The new, improved version will be rendered in another project, Pantheios2, sometime before the middle of the year. Subsequent posts will explain the new/changed features.