Monday, June 8, 2020

Pantheios : what's coming up in 2020?

Well, folks, it's been a long while and not much activity on this blog. As you may've noticed, I've started blogging daily this last week, and aim to try and keep up at least a weekly update henceforth.

Despite the lack of activity on the blog there's been a lot of work on various Pantheios projects. Here's a summary of what's been happening, and what's planned for the rest of 2020:

  • The website will get a long-awaited update;
  • The Pantheios main (C/C++) project: 
    • will have fewer than ten more betas over the next couple of months;
    • the next beta off the rank will include:
      • the expanded stock severity levels;
      • an example of how to use the old severity levels;
      • examples of how to use custom severity levels;
      • will support VC++ up to 16.x (VS2019);
      • will support latest versions of GCC;
      • will have (auto-generated) solution and project files for all versions of VC++ from 10+ (VS2010+);
      • ... and a bunch more stuff;
    • will go into a final 1.0.1 release before the end of the year;
    • will use a different mechanism for linking to its dependency projects - TBD;
    • will get CMake builds this year;
    • will get installable packages early next year;
  • The Pantheios.Ruby project:
    • has been released, currently available via GitHub and as a gem;
    • will be documented soon;
  • The Pantheios.NET project:
    • has been updated just a couple of days ago with the new expanded stock severity levels, available via Nuget;
    • will be getting its own website - - including tutorials and samples;
    • will be open-sourced before the end of the year - currently only available as Nuget packages.
  • The Pantheios.COM project:

Also possible are either/both of the nascent Pantheios.Go and/or Pantheios.Python project being released.

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